MPC open house building tour

Multimedia and Print Center Tours Attract Many

The Multimedia and Print Center (MPC) at Penn State University Park hosted a two-day-long open house event to educate faculty, staff, and students on the interworking of the facilities and services they offer.

Tour guides walked small groups of five to twelve people around the expansive MPC building, explaining the office's capabilities and the many ways MPC serves the community. The tour also explained Penn State's visual identity standards in terms of registered trademark symbol usage, mark misuse, and the approved vendor process. Small groups allowed for interaction, including questions.

Many attendees were surprised about the range of printing and mailing services that MPC provides. "The tour was very informational--I didn't know they had all this to offer," one tour participant said.

"Even though the tour was only an hour, I learned so much about what goes on inside the walls of the MPC," said another student and tour participant. "I would definitely recommend the experience."

With 50 employees and 24-hour business operations, MPC provides a broad range of services to the University. For example, the center handles Penn State's entire on-campus mailing system.

One spot on the tour highlighted the personalizing capabilities of the center through the Personalize it! Program. MPC has in stock blankets, mugs, t-shirts, water bottles, and name badges that can be personalized, and this service is available to the public as well as to the University.

After their tour, participants enjoyed beverages and snacks--including envelope-shaped Penn State Bakery cookies. All participants also received a gift bag and were entered for more than 50 prize drawings, sponsored by various vendors. One lucky grand prize winner went home with a Theta 360-degree camera.

Since its opening in the 1930s, the center has undergone a lot of change, with technology advancements affecting many processes. MPC also strives to practice green initiatives, including waste reduction.

"When you're placing an order for stationery with Penn State's new identity mark, send your old letterhead to MPC," said MPC Manager Theresa Roby. "We produce notepads from the recycled paper."

MPC is offering those who missed the open house the opportunity to schedule a tour. Anyone interested can contact the center at