Mailing List Verification

We can help you cut down on the amount of returned mail you get—and pay for—each time you send out a mailing. At your request, we will verify your mail list by updating ZIP Codes, eliminating duplicate addresses, and correcting inaccurate address information. Contact us today to initiate a job order or get a price estimate.

Premail and List Verification Office
108G Hostetter Business Services Building
(Behind the Flower Gardens, next to the Housing and Food Services Building)
Phone: 814-867-3437
Fax: 814-863-4914
Angela Bires, co-ordinator
Robert Eichman, co-ordinator 

Premail Services offers verification of customer mail list files and databases utilizing CASS-certified software to correct address information and perform zip code sorting according to Postal Service requirements. We can maintain and update database files for distribution via U.S. mail or campus mail. Our team of Customer Service Representatives is available to consult with you on your publication, production, and distribution needs. Contact us to initiate a job order, get price estimates, or inquire about the production status of your project.