Letterhead, envelope, and business card


Penn State Stationery Items

PSU Prints, the new stationery and digital print ordering system, launched February 1, 2016. Once you login with WebAccess and complete the user profile screen, you can start your order. If you are a first time user contact your project coordinator for additional questions. Budgets, bursar bill, purchase card, and cash are accepted for student, faculty and staff payments. .

University stationery items--including business cards, envelopes, labels, letterhead, and memo pads - can be ordered at PSU Prints.

University stationery, including letterhead, envelopes, mailing labels, memo pads, and business cards, is a standard design throughout the University and must be obtained from the Penn State Multimedia & Print Center. For questions, please contact [email protected].

Note: To order double-sided cards, please e-mail [email protected]. Double-sided cards are available only in one-color blue or black on linen stock.

Penn State Stationery Guidelines

To ensure uniform and consistent stationery throughout the University, the Multimedia & Print Center is the University’s stationery provider. The Multimedia & Print Center maintains the formats for standard University stationery items—letterheads, envelopes, and business cards. All orders for standard stationery items are to be placed with the Multimedia & Print Center. Electronic letterheads are available for the express purpose of digitally composing and transmitting a letter on official University letterhead, and may not be used to print supplies of letterhead. 

Formats for University stationery items are established and they are applied consistently to all orders. The design features of these formats are prescribed, including the margins; size and placement of the University mark; and the size, type style, and placement of the content. The design features of standard stationery items will not be altered per individual requests. Content is limited to copy. Additional logos, graphics, or photos will not be included. The copy will be edited if necessary to conform with University editorial style.

The Multimedia & Print Center uses 24# white custom watermark bond paper for University letterhead with matching envelope stock. Official University stationery color options are:  1 color (PMS 287), 2 color (PMS284 and PMS 287) or Black.   

All other stationery items are available in the same color combinations, using a unified standard format.

Order stationery online. Payments may be made with check, credit card, budget/direct bill, bursar account.