Submit a Copy Print Job

Submit a Copy Print Job


To become SIMBA compatible, the online ordering system has been replaced with a new ordering system. Please read the important information below before proceeding to the new site.

You will be sending your information to MPC where a customer service representative will receive and review the information provided. If there are questions regarding your specifications someone will contact you to discuss prior to sending to print. Billing information is required to complete the ordering process. Please check with your accounting area to find your new SIMBA accounting designation. Please check with your finance office for your SIMBA chart of accounts information.

Items requested for printing should be condensed into one item. If you feel the request needs to contain multiple items, please contact the Multimedia and Print Center to discuss your project before beginning the process. If you have an internal management system that generates a specification form, a PDF file of that form can be attached to the request.


Existing Users

If you have used website in the past you have an established account and will only need to log in through WebAccess and 2FA/DUO Authentication. 

New Users

To begin, go to and create an account. The system resides behind WebAccess, so you will need to go through 2FA/DUO Authentication process. Once in the system (for first-time users) go to “My Account” in the upper right corner of the header and set up your preferences for the system. Once your account is created you are ready to begin.

Go to first row under “Order Prints of Your Files” first selection.  Click “click to browse” link to find and attach file to be submitted for printing. Recommended file type is a PDF (DO NOT ATTACH InDesign Files).

Step by step instructions are available in PDF format. There are also numerous help links available within the system. If you need help getting started, please use the contact link at the top of the page.


In accordance with University Policies BS07BS2013BS14 the Multimedia and Print Center is responsible for the manufacture and procurement of printing, copying and addressing services.

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